Smoke Alarm Installation in Sydney

Professional Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Alarms

Even if your home or residential building is big, medium or small, Safe Fire & Electrical knows the importance of smoke alarm installation to be very useful. After all, these devices are your protection against the destroys of fire.

Types of Smoke Alarms

  • Ionisation: Ionisation alarms are good at detecting flaming fires
  • Photoelectric: Photoelectric are more effective at detecting smouldering fires (slow-burning, smokey fires).


What we do



9-volt battery smoke alarms are the most affordable option. However, the battery in these smoke alarms must be changed every year.

Ten Year Lithium Battery Only

These smoke alarms are battery-powered, but the battery is designed to last for 10 years, meaning you don’t have to replace the batteries.


Hardwired smoke alarms are powered by 240V mains power and also have a backup 9V battery. Keep in mind that the 9V battery still has to be replaced every year.

Hardwired + Rechargeable Battery

These alarms are hardwired to 240V mains power, and also have a ten-year lithium-ion backup battery.

Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement

Smoke alarms require you to replace the 9v battery every year. At Safe Fire & Electrical, we will replace all your existing 9v batteries with brand new ones to assure they comply with all required laws and rules.

When and why was the smoke alarm law introduced?

On 1 May 2006, the NSW Government proposed new legislation following a series of fatal house fires.
This bill mandated that all residential dwellings in NSW must have at least one working smoke alarm installed on every level of the home. This includes; owner-occupied and rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans, and campervans, or any other residential building where people sleep or live. Smoke alarms must comply with Australian Standard 3786 (AS3786), which should be marked on the packaging.

What if I’m unable to understand or I can’t change my smoke alarm myself?

Smoke alarms are available in different types of models like photoelectric, ionization, multi-criteria, and dual-sensor. Carbon monoxide alarms are not smoke alarms and do not meet the law and can only be used in addition to smoke alarms for improved warning. Specialist alarms for the deaf and hearing impaired, alarms with emergency lights, and special models for kitchens and homes are also available. All of these smoke alarms differ in how they detect smoke and/or alert people.
Strobe light and vibrating pad smoke alarms are available for people who are deaf. Safe Fire & Electrical is the great solution for your Annual Fire Safety Statement requirements!


Smoke alarms have become important interest of safety equipment in homes and all types of establishments. Because they are great barriers to fire and smoke and have long been proven to save lives and business, the installation of smoke alarms has become a legal requirement for all houses and residential buildings in Australia.

For your smoke alarm installation, replacement & wiring needs, trust the specialists at Safe Fire & Electrical. We not only pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in smoke alarm installation, but we also guarantee that we, as fire safety professionals, will always be reliable for any business appointments with you. Contact us today and we’ll give you our expert opinion on installation and do a careful inspection of your home.


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