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How Often should fire hose reels be tested?

According to AS1851, specific fire hose reels must undergo testing every six months to maintain compliance.

Do you require a Fire Hose reel?

Fire safety equipment serves a dual purpose beyond mere compliance—it’s installed to mitigate risk. Ensuring every member of your business is proficient in using fire protection equipment safeguards your staff and minimizes potential hazards. Regular testing and training further enhance the effectiveness of fire protection equipment, making it your best defense in emergencies.

At Safe fire and electrical, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for fire hose reels to ensure compliance with Australian standards AS/NZS1221. Our professional team handles testing, scheduling, and reporting, providing peace of mind to busy property managers.

During inspections, our technicians meticulously examine all aspects of the fire hose reels, including accessibility, signage, and operational functionality. We assess the physical condition of the equipment, ensuring components like nozzles, interlocks, and fittings are in proper working order. Additionally, we check for leaks and verify water flow rates, addressing any issues promptly.

With our free reminder service, we help clients stay on top of maintenance schedules, ensuring timely testing and compliance. Contact us today to schedule a test and ensure your fire safety equipment meets Australian regulations.

At Safe Fire and Electrical, we specialize in inspecting and certifying all fire hose reel systems