We Offer the following Certification:

Our Smoke Alarm Compliance annual service ensures our qualified technicians will:

  1. Ensure all alarms meet Australian Standard 3786-1993
  2. Ensure all alarms satisfy the requirements of the building code of Australia in regard to placement and position
  3. Ensure all alarms are not past their expiry date
  4. Remove and replace the 9v battery
  5. Test audible output of the alarm
  6. Thoroughly clean the alarms and spray them with compressed air
  7. Relocate alarms to correct positions when required
  8. Replace any faulty or expired alarms to ensure your property is compliant
  9. Provide a detailed compliance certificate

Smoke alarm Certification For Landlords

From 23 March 2020, NSW landlords and agents need to ensure that smoke alarms installed in rented properties are in working order.
Where a smoke alarm is not in working order, landlords and agents must ensure the alarm is repaired (this includes replacing a battery) within 2 business days.
Landlords and agents must check smoke alarms every year to ensure they are working.
Landlords and agents must ensure:
– smoke alarms are replaced within 10 years of manufacture, or earlier if specified by the manufacturer
– batteries are installed or replaced every year (or for lithium batteries, in the period specified by the manufacturer).
Landlords and agents must give at least 2 business days’ notice to inspect or assess the need for smoke alarm repair or replacement, and at least 1 hour notice to carry out repair or replacement of a smoke alarm.


What are my requirements under legislation?

Under current legislation it states that Landlords must ensure their rental property is fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms complying with the Australian Standard (3786-1993) and installed as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part

  1. Smoke alarms must be installed in every storey and the alarms must be located between each part of the dwelling containing bedrooms and the remainder of the dwelling. Also, smoke alarms must be installed in any hallway leading to bedrooms
  2. Any dwelling that is built on or after 1st February 1995 is required to be fitted with a 240v mains alarm
  3. Any dwelling that is brought on or after 1st February 1998 is required to be fitted within 6 months of date of purchase with a 240v mains alarm OR a 10 year life non replaceable not removable permanently connected battery powered device
distributor, plan, wiring diagram

Penalties For Not Having A Smoke Alarm Certificate

Landlords and agents are required to have working smoke alarms installed and maintained to BCA and Australian standards. Failure to protect the safety of your tenants and investment property with a working and regularly maintained smoke alarm that is certified may result in the dismissal of an insurance claim for damage, loss of life or personal injury, or even a $500 penalty for simply failing to comply.

When using a smoke alarm certification company like Safe Fire And Electrical, we will ensure all your smoke alarms are compliant. Once the inspection of the smoke alarm is passed Safe Fire And Electrical will issue you your Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate.This document will be required by the insurance company should any claims arise due to fire related incidents.

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