Exit and Emergency Lighting

Emergency Light Essentials: Types, Testing, and Maintenance Protocols

Emergency and exit lights require testing every six months, lasting for 90 minutes each time. These lights serve a crucial role in illuminating exit routes, highlighting doors, and guiding individuals safely out of buildings during emergencies. Despite being equipped with battery backup units, these lights can still experience failures, necessitating replacements when necessary.

Conducting the mandated testing not only fulfills your duty of care but also contributes to prolonging the lifespan of exit signs and emergency lights by discharging the batteries regularly.

There exist three distinct types of emergency lighting:

  • Sustained: These lights feature two lamps within the fitting, with only one lamp operational at any given time.
  • Non-maintained: Typically non-illuminated, these lights remain on charge consistently and only activate when the main power supply fails.
  • Maintained: With only one lamp, this type of emergency light remains illuminated both when connected to the mains power and during power outages.

At Safe Fire and Electrical, we offer comprehensive inspection and certification services for all types of emergency lights and exit lights