Fire Extinguisher Services

How Often Should Sydney Fire Extinguishers Be Tested?

According to AS1851 standards, portable and wheeled fire extinguishers must undergo inspection every six months to a year, with pressure testing and refills required at least every five years. For reliable fire extinguisher testing services in Sydney, we are your optimal solution.

What are the types of Fire Extinguishers in Australia?

  • Foam – [Suitable for Class A and B fires]
  • Dry Powder – [ Class A, B, C & E fires. ]
  • Water – [Suitable for Class A fires.]
  • Wet Chemical – [Class F fires or A fires.]
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 – [Class E, A, B, F fires]


What we do

Why Fire Extinguisher Testing is Essential For Sydney Businesses

Fire Extinguishers testing is important because fire extinguishers are the first line of defense in protecting you and your business when a fire occurs. There are dozens of regulations in place to ensure that your fire extinguisher is up to the system and working properly, and this ensures the prevention of death and injury.

Different classes of fire.There are six classes of fire:

  • Class A – Normal combustibles such as wood or plastic
  • Class B – Flammable liquids such as petrol or paint Class C – Combustible gases such as LPG gas or natural gas
  • Class D – Flammable metals such as magnesium
  • Class E – Electrically energized equipment such as short-circuited machinery or overloaded electrical cables
  • Class F – Cooking oils such as vegetable oil, fats, and lard.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Our installation is compliant with AS 2444 and includes the brackets, signs, and seals. The extinguishers we provide are also compliant with Australian Standards.
The extinguishers must also comply with their specific terms. During installation, consideration should be made to ensure that the types, sizes, and classification of extinguishers are made correctly so that compliance for the particular building is achieved.

Safe Fire & Electrical will make a thorough review of all your fire systems and equipment, including fire extinguishers which need to be checked and evaluated every six months.

fire extinguisher Inspection

Thorough inspection is essential to verify that your fire safety systems and engineered solutions align with the stipulations outlined in the Building Code of Australia and other relevant Australian Fire Safety Standards.

At Safe Fire & Electrical, we provide the most competitive rates for Fire Extinguisher Testing in Sydney. Our commitment extends to delivering top-tier customer service to all clients, along with comprehensive documentation for the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) or Fire Safety Certificate.


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