Annual Fire Safety Statement in Sydney


Our company has long been a leader in affordable fire protection services, including Annual Fire Safety Statement in Sydney and installation, testing, and periodic inspection, servicing, and maintenance of your fire protection systems. We are fully qualified and FPAS Accredited under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) with the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA).

Our Services:

  • Annual AFSS Statement
  • Final Fire Safety Certificate
  • Fire Safety Inspection & Testing
  • Fire Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Fire Systems & Equipment
  • Council Fire Order Upgrades


Safety Measures

Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) must be evaluated by qualified staff every year and comply with the relevant standards of performance as stated in the Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia (BCA).

The owner of a building or premises that has fire systems installed must provide the local council and Fire and Rescue NSW (the NSW Fire Brigade Head Office) with a statement certifying that all fire-safety measures work properly.

Fire Safety Certificate Sydney

A Final Fire Safety Certificate is a document issued by our company upon the completion of the building’s new fire equipment.

The certificate proves that each of the fire safety measures that apply to a building (as listed in the fire safety schedule) have been installed and inspected by a properly qualified person. This helps verify that the required fire safety measures can perform to the minimum standard.

Fire safety schedules

Fire safety schedules list the measures required to be installed and the standard they need to achieve. A fire safety schedule can be issued:

  • by Council or an accredited certifier
  • by Council with a fire safety order
  • by Council in some cases with a development consent, such as for a change of use in an existing building
  • by Safe fire and Electricals accredited certifier (Prices starting from $120)

A fire safety schedule is only applicable if any of the above occurred after 1988. You can obtain a copy of the latest fire safety schedule from Council.

Supplementary fire safety statements
A supplementary fire safety statement is issued at more regular intervals (as specified in the fire safety schedule) for any critical fire safety measures that apply to a building.


Penalties: Annual Fire Safety Statement in Sydney

It is an offense to fail to present the statement. Substantial and continuing weekly penalty warnings apply for this offense. Failure to submit an annual fire safety statement could also lead to legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court, where the maximum penalty for a breach is $110,000.

Failure to secure or produce an AFSS certificate on demand will lead to substantial fines starting at $2,000 a week!

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Any damages or defects noted will need to be repaired before the issuance of the fire safety statement to assure that a working fire safety system is in place and is performing at the minimum standard of performance. The Fire Safety Statement will be provided once all essential fire safety measures comply.

Entrust the inspection of all your fire systems to Safe Fire & Electrical. You can count on our expert Fire Safety Practitioners to ensure that your fire safety systems and procedures, and fire engineered solutions are compliant with the Building Code of Australia and All Australian Standards.


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Safe fire and electrical is authorized under FPAA Australia to issue fire statements. Knowing how much you value the preservation of your life and that of your family, as well as your business, obtaining the Annual Fire Safety Statement Sydney requirement, is a major step to ensuring that you are safe from the potential ravages of fire.

You can count on the expert and reliable specialists of Safe Fire & Electrical to investigate your fire systems and ensure that they meet strict Australian fire safety rules.