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Fire Doors & Solid Core Doors

The Essential Guide to Fire Door and Smoke Door Inspections in Australia

In compliance with both the Building Code of Australia and local council legislation, fire doors must undergo inspection and testing according to the following schedule:

  • Every six months: Common Property Fire Doors
  • Annually: Common Property Fire Doors and Sole Occupancy Unit Fire Doors

To attain certification for a fire door, the following criteria must be met:

  • Fire Rated Frame
  • Approved Fire Rated Hardware
  • Fire Rated Automatic Door Closer
  • A one-hour or two-hour fire-rated door, certified in accordance with Australian Standards AS1905, and possessing the appropriate fire rating level.

Fire Doors and Smoke Doors play vital roles in mitigating the spread of fire and smoke within buildings. Proper installation and fitting are crucial to their effectiveness. Our team comprises qualified personnel who can provide supply, installation, and regular inspection and maintenance services to ensure these doors operate correctly.

What is a Fire Door?

A Fire Door is a door equipped with a fire-resistance rating, serving as a component of a passive fire protection system. Its purpose is to hinder the spread of fire and smoke between distinct sections of a building or structure, facilitating safe evacuation.

What is a Smoke Door?

A Smoke Door is a solid-core door designed to act as a physical barrier, impeding the movement of toxic fumes and smoke from one area to another within a building or between separate compartments.

At Safe Fire and Electrical, we offer comprehensive inspection and certification services for all fire doors, smoke doors and solid core doors